First meeting of the working group for drafting the National Strategy

12. 10. 2016.

On Monday, 10 October 2016 in Zagreb, there was a meeting of members of the Working Group for drafting the National Strategy for Creating an Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development 2017.-2021. Members of the Working Group divided in subgroups defined according to the existing areas of the Strategy (institutional framework to support the development of …

Social innovation and/or ideas on the development of civil society and the promotion of philanthropy

30. 8. 2016.

Public call for social innovation and / or ideas on the development of civil society and the promotion of philanthropy in local communities was announced by the Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society Development in cooperation with the Association for Civil Society Development SMART. The call is funded through competition “IPA 2012 Encouraging innovative forms …

Appointment of INO – PRO in the Working Group for drafting the National Strategy for the Development of Civil Society

30. 7. 2016.

Office for NGOs of the Croatian Government in accordance with their scope and mission of providing an enabling legislative, institutional and financial framework for the activities of associations and support the development of civil society as an essential partner countries in the preparation and implementation of policy initiates the process of drafting the National Strategy …

We signed a contract for the development of online courses

10. 6. 2016.

An agreement was concluded with the company Proficiens Ltd. about using their LMS platforms for the purpose of organization and implementation of online education courses. During a two-year subscription will be able to create up to 50 courses and offer them to interested parties. The target groups are organizations who want to improve their business and learn …

We introduce a quality management system “OK2015”

04. 6. 2016.

Association for Civil Society Development SMART from Rijeka, as part of the program of regional development and capacity strengthening of civil society organizations conducted by the National foundation for civil society development, has developed a new quality management system for organizations of civil society in Croatia – “OK 2015”. The guide explaines what is quality …

Initiative Watch unprofit associations

27. 5. 2016.
gledaj (u)druge

INO-PRO took part in Initiative Watch unprofit associations which gathered organizations with goal to inform citizens about their positive affects on society and to increase their visibility. Campaign included photographing on Rijeka Korzo street 23. and 24.5. and also a festival where organizations introduced their work to general public. Through numerous workshops, presentations and other means …

We took part in the Programme of Interreg Cooperation Slovenia- Croatia Workshop

22. 2. 2016.

On Monday 22nd of February in Opatija the informative workshop for applicants on the Programme Interreg Slovenia – Croatia was held. It was organized by the Government of Republic of Slovenia’s Service for Development and European Cohesional Politics and Joined Secretariate Slovenia- Croatia. The workshop lasted from 10am to 3 pm. Its first part included …

The agreement of cooperation between the municipalities of Fuzine and Lokve was signed

30. 11. 2015.

After the INO- PRO was founded, the cooperation between two municipalities of Gorski Kotar, Fuzine and Lokve was suggested. Its main goals will be to apply together for EU funding for an integrated programme for development based on renovation of cultural heritage. The Agreement on Cooperation was signed at the end of November after the …

The Association Innovative Projects was founded

08. 8. 2015.

The Association Innovative Projects was founded on August 8th 2015. Its shorter name its INO- PRO and its head office is in Rijeka. It gathers a team of different profiles of people, such as economists, lawyers, professors, engineeers and graphic designers. All of the founders have long experience on various projects. The association was founded …